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1. You don’t like paying it and honestly we hate charging it.

The aim of our cancellation policy is:

  • To reduce disruptions to therapist diaries and loss of therapist time in preparation for your session
  • Make sure that other clients do not miss out on the opportunity to access therapy
  • To reduce lost income. We are a private practice, and without a cancel fee (when a client cancels, reschedules late or does not arrive for their scheduled appointment) the therapist (who is an independent contractor) is paid $0
  • Booking your appointment has already incurred business costs (e.g., admin staff charges and reminder sms charges) which we cannot otherwise recoup when you cancel
  • To reduce the number of cancellations, no shows and DNA’s. You will not be the only one thinking about cancelling and the combined loss of income when multiple people cancel can be substantial
  • It is our ‘time’ you are paying for and we only have a limited amount of time per day we can see patients. We also can’t “make it up” like businesses who sell products can.
  • Last minute cancellations are difficult to fill. However, if we do fill your appointment we will not charge you or your NDIS plan

2. You are advised of our cancellation policy frequently

  • When you booked
  • In your appointment confirmation email
  • In the email appointment reminder
  • In all SMS reminders
  • In booking notifications when booking online
  • It is on our website
  • It is displayed in clinic
  • Right now

Please note that our software captures when this information has been sent and received and our inbound calls are also recorded for quality, assurance and training

We will not tolerate verbal abuse and threats over our cancellation policy and in some cases this behaviour may result in your services being terminated or behaviour reported


Non-NDIS Patients:

  • Short–notice cancellations (which include no shows/DNA) is defined as less than 36 BUSINESS hours notice from the time of your scheduled appointment
  • The fee is $100+GST.
  • This fee is not claimable through Medicare, Workcover, Third Party Funders or private health funds.
  • This amount will be automatically debited from the nominated debit/credit card stored on Halaxy or an invoice will be sent via post/email if this has not been provided or your card has insufficient funds. If the invoice for cancellation fees is sent via email or post you will need to pay via direct deposit (bank account details are at the bottom of the invoice) or by letting us know to reprocess your credit/debit card.
  • In the event that this cancellation fee is not paid, we reserve the right to utilise a debit collection service.

NDIS Participants:

  • Short–notice cancellations (which include no shows/DNA) is defined as less than 2 BUSINESS days’ notice from the time of your scheduled appointment
  • The fee is 100% of the consult fee
  • The fee is 100% charged against the NDIS Plan (or credit/debit card on file if you are self-managed or you have run out of NDIS funds).
  • Our cancellation amount and period are determined by the most current NDIA Price Guides.
  • The NDIA Price Guides change from time to time and as a user of our service you agree to such changes (e.g., If the NDIA put up/down the cancellation fee or time period for cancellation you agree to those changes).

Change Modalities- skip the cancel:

  • If you can’t make it to an appointment, instead of cancelling and incurring a cancellation fee, please consider the suitability of keeping the scheduled appointment but swapping to an online or phone consultation

Business Days:

Business days are classed as Monday to Friday

Please note, most practitioners do not work on a Saturday. Those that do, do so out of a genuine desire to accommodate you.

Saturday and Sunday are not classed as Business Days for cancellations/ No Shows /DNA’s. This is because practitioners who do not work on a Saturday (no one works on a Sunday), and commence on a Monday or Tuesday, do not have enough opportunity to fill the cancelled appointment(s)

Cancellation example- You are an NDIS participant and your appointment is at 6pm on Monday, you will need to cancel by 6pm the Thursday before. Remember, we will only charge the cancel fee if we can’t fill the appointment.

How to Cancel

  • You can call (1300 3666 14) At present our carers (the lovely professionals who answer your calls) operate from 7:30am to 7pm Monday to Friday. Sometimes, if there are multiple concurrent callers, our phone lines may be busy. If this happens, please leave us a voice message
  • You can click the ‘Appointment Link’ in your appointment confirmation emails (this expires 48hrs before your scheduled appointment)
  • You can reply ‘No’ to your sms reminder
  • You can email

Another friendly reminder, to treat our team with courtesy, politeness and kindness. We will not tolerate verbal abuse and threats over our cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy-Reviewed 30/06/2022