Assessment & Diagnostic Services for Children & Adults

Welcome to Our Assessment & Diagnostic Service

Whether you’re seeking help for yourself, your child, or a loved one, we’re here to provide comprehensive assessments for various developmental, learning, and cognitive needs.

How a Diagnosis Can Help

  • It can help you understand your strengths, challenges and differences
  • Allow you to better advocate for yourself
  • Help others understand you better and make accommodations for your needs
  • Help you access diagnosis specific services
  • Help you access funding and educational supports
  • May encourage you to connect with other neurodivergent people
  • May support the need for medication (*we don’t prescribe medication)

What We Offer

Autism Assessments

  • Understanding Autism: We provide comprehensive assessments for Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger’s) to help understand your unique strengths and differences.
  • Our Tools: Utilising widely recognised tools like MIGDAS, ADOS 2, SRS 2, ASRS, AQ, CAT-Q and RAADS-R for accurate diagnoses.

Attention and Hyperactivity Assessments

  • Identifying ADHD/ADD: Our assessments aim to clarify concerns related to attention and hyperactivity, guiding the way to practical support.
  • How We Assess: Using various assessment methods including unstructured and structured interviews, questionnaires, and psychometrics, reviewing school or other reports, interviewing family or significant others.
  • Our Tools: we use a variety of tools depending on your specific needs such as the DIVA-5, CAARS, Conners 4, ASRS V1.1 and Brief A

Learning Disorder Assessments

  • Navigating Learning Challenges: We can assess areas such as reading, writing, written expression, spelling, grammar, number concepts, mathematical reasoning. We assess conditions like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia.
  • Personalised Approach: Every assessment is tailored to individual needs, ensuring a comprehensive understanding.
  • Our Tools: We utlise tools such as the WIAT 3, WCJ, as well as IQ tests, interviews and report review

Intellectual Assessments

  • IQ Testing/Cognitive Assessment: Our assessment aims to understand your cognitive strengths and weaknesses in areas such as working memory, processing speed, visual spatial skills, fluid reasoning and verbal comprehension.
  • Our Tools: We use tests such as the SB5, WISC V, WPPSI IV and WAIS III

Intellectual Disability Assessments

  • Answering the question of Intellectual Developmental Disorder: We combine Intellectual assessments with Adaptive Behaviour Assessments, Interviews, and file review

Adaptive Functioning Assessments

  • Understanding Your Everyday Functioning: We assess key areas of your functioning to assist with intervention planning and monitoring progress.
  • Our Tools: Include clinical interview, ABAS 3 and Vinelands 3. We consider your functioning across many areas such as communication, social or leisure skills, school or home living, work, community use, practical skills and health and safety skills.

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