Debra Tyro

Art therapy is powerful yet gentle. Creating your feelings and emotions in 2D or 3D using colour, shape, symbols or scenes provides a voice to your thoughts

Our focus is to help individuals become aware of their inner strengths. We achieve this by providing a safe space, supporting you to create without judgement

  • Art therapy is safe and confidential and your therapist is with you at every step
  • Various art materials like paint or pastels on paper or 3D materials like clay or plasticine can be used
  • Creating art helps to understand issues when words cannot be found or are not enough.
  • Your Art Therapist will guide you in how to use the art materials so you do not have to be an artist or ‘creative’ to do Art Therapy

Qualified Art Therapist Debra, has a 30 year history in the health industry and continues her journey with art therapy services to clients in the North Brisbane area besides volunteering in the local community and philanthropic work.

Self-managed NDIS clients; DVA; Home Care Packages accepted.
Group sessions available for NGO or NFP organisations

See Imagine Art Therapy website for more information

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