Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a copy of my own or my child’s psychometric test scores?2019-03-06T23:10:52+00:00

No psychometric test scores (subtests, composite scores and FSIQ) cannot be provided to non-psychologists. However, we can provide psychometric test results to other psychologists (but not a copy of the test record or response forms as this generally goes against copyright laws), but we require the following for clinical recordkeeping requirements:

    1. A letter giving your consent to release this information to the interested party
    2. A letter from the relevant professional outlining how the raw scores are clinically relevant to your current presenting issues and why this information cannot be ascertained from the report the psychologist wrote after completing the assessment
    3. You pay a $70 administration fee before this information is released

Please remember that test results are a snapshot of a person at that time and scores should never be used in isolation to make decisions especially by someone who did not observe the test taker at that time.

(Refer to APS Ethical Guidelines for Psychological Assessment and the Use of Psychological Tests section 2.8, 2.17, 2.18 & other relevant sections).

Ethical guidelines for psychological assessment and use of psychological tests.pdf

Can my current psychologist request my file?2019-03-06T23:09:02+00:00

Yes, but we require the following for clinical recordkeeping requirements:

  1. A letter giving your consent to release this information to the interested party
  2. A letter from the relevant professional outlining what information they are after and its clinical relevance to your current presenting issues
  3. You pay a $70 administration fee before this information is released
Can I request a copy of my file?2019-03-06T23:07:16+00:00

With consideration to legislative exceptions and organisational requirements, yes we can release information to current and previous clients (excluding psychometric test scores). We require:

    1. A letter indicating what information you are after
    2. Whether you would like to review this information in person with the psychologist (so they can clarify any areas of concern and answer any questions), look over the records alone or whether you would like a paper copy.
    3. You will need to give us 20 business days
    4. Pay a $70 administration fee before this information is released.

NB. If giving access would pose a serious threat to the life or health of someone the relevant information will not be released.

Can I book online?2019-09-25T14:16:21+00:00

You can book online using our websites “book now” button or search for the practitioner you prefer by the Halaxy directory. Depending on the practitioner’s preferred settings you will be given the option to select from specific times /days available or make a request for a specific time/day

My practitioner has invited me to join the Halaxy patient portal, what does this mean?2019-09-25T14:17:41+00:00

At The Psychology Hub, we use Halaxy , a fantastic software that allows us to streamlines our services and minimises our paper trail. This software is also a platform for patients. It allows you to book online, manage your appointments and invoices, create a list of your practitioners and track your health. You can also enable access to your patient portal by family members, sync your Healthkit calendar with other iCal-enabled calendar and allow your practitioner to share case notes if they choose.

What assessment and treatment options are there for ASD?2019-03-06T23:02:04+00:00

In addition to NDIS, Medicare Items specific to Autism will continue. That is, your paediatrician (under item number 110 or 131) or psychiatrist (item number 296-370) can still refer your child for up to 4 diagnostic sessions until they are 13 years old and 20 treatment sessions (paediatrician item code 135 and psychiatrist 289) until they are 15 years old.

MHCP and Chronic Disease Management Plan, PlayConnect playgroups, Early Days Workshops, Raising Children Network, Positive Partnerships and Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centres continue to be available.

Now that NDIS has started will FaHCSIA Funding still apply?2019-03-06T23:01:19+00:00

If NDIS has rolled out in your area, FaHCSIA Funding and Better Start Programs generally won’t apply (unless your child is not eligible for NDIS then they will continue to access support under HCWA and Better Start until they turn 7 years of age).

Are you a registered NDIS provider?2021-08-13T20:49:05+00:00

Yes we are registered for Therapeutic Supports, Behaviour Support and Early Childhood Intervention.

Do rebates differ between General Psychologist, Clinical Psychologists and Counsellors?2021-08-13T20:54:40+00:00

Yes. Currently, Medicare offers an $88.25 rebate for patients seeing a General Psychologist and $129.55 for Clinical Psychologists. Counsellors are unable to provide Medicare services.

I paid for my session in full but never received my Medicare rebate what do I do?2019-03-06T22:57:54+00:00
  1. Check that Medicare has your bank account details (this can be done via MyGov. Your psychologist cannot do this for you)
  2. If Medicare does have your bank account details then double check with your psychologist that they have processed the rebate (or consider looking at your invoice on the patient portal if you have signed up)
  3. If your psychologist has tried to process the rebate and Medicare does not have your bank account details then you will need to provide Medicare with your bank details and receipt from your appointment (we cannot do this for you). Future Medicare rebates will be able to be processed with us once you have set up your bank details.
  4. If none of the above work you will need to consider whether you have used up your mental health care or other plan limits or if your GP has correctly assigned an MHCP.
How do I know if I have a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP)?2019-03-06T22:55:09+00:00

Usually, the referral documents from your GP is headed “Mental Health Assessment Plan” for an initial 6 sessions or “Review of Mental Health Plan” for 4 additional sessions. Usually, patients also sign the plan. If you are not sure ask your doctor to specify it is an MHCP, the number of sessions, presenting concerns, and their professional details including provider number.

If it says Brisbane Minds this is not the same as an MHCP

If it says Enhanced Primary Care Plan/Chronic Disease Management Plan and the GP has allocated a number of allied health sessions out of 5, this is also not an MHCP (but we do accept these and there is a small rebate for this type of referral. However, it is best to save these sessions for other allied health professionals since this may be the only rebate they can offer).

Do I need a referral from a GP?2019-03-06T22:53:38+00:00

No, you can self-refer.

Once my file is closed can I come back at another point in time?2019-03-06T22:51:59+00:00

Of course, come back whenever you need!

It’s also a good idea to follow your relapse prevention plan (if you have one) to identify early warning signs, coping tools and when it might be a good idea to return to therapy. Just remember relapse or a recurrence of mental health difficulties is very common. You are not alone, there is no need to be embarrassed, and the sooner you get onto it, the faster we can get you back on the track to recovery

How often do I see my psychologist?2019-03-06T22:51:30+00:00

This depends on your presenting concerns, the complexity of your situation and any risk factors. Generally, patients attend weekly to fortnightly and then over a period of time, the gap between sessions lengthen.

Do you see patients outside of the clinic?2019-03-06T22:46:32+00:00

Yes, we do. We can see you or your child at almost any location (e.g., school, church, home, and community). Please contact us for prices and available days and times.

Why are some appointments 50mins instead of an hour?2021-06-30T14:45:09+00:00

This is usually to allow the psychologist time to write case notes, prepare for further appointments, provide progress letters to GP’s, and ‘as a buffer’ in case the session runs longer than anticipated and as to not disrupt the next patient.

If it is your first appointment feel free to download an intake form prior to your appointment to reduce the time spent completing forms instead of talking to your psychologist. You can either bring it in with you or email it to us at info@thepsychologyhub.com.au

Why do I have to pay a Halaxy Payment Processing Fee?2019-09-25T14:21:32+00:00

Instead of using eftpos facilities and passing on transaction fees, we use Halaxy to take payments and provide government rebates  (instead of you taking receipts to Medicare, which is very time consuming) and pass on these fees to you (maximum cost 1.9% + $1 per transaction). NB. We don’t charge for SMS or email reminders. Processing fees differ for some NDIS patients.

Why do I have to pay a cancellation fee?2021-06-29T21:28:00+00:00

You don’t like paying it and we hate charging it.

The reality is it is our ‘time’ you are paying for, we only have a limited amount of time per day to see patients and unfortunately, we can never “make it up” like businesses who sell products can. There is also many fee generating admin tasks that go along with booking and cancelling appointments, plus a good psychologist will often ‘session plan’ before appointments. It really is in both you and your psychologist’s interests that scheduled appointments are attended. Many practices charge full fees for cancellations, while we split the cost with you ($100 + GST).

Cancellation times and fees differ for NDIS participants. Please refer to fees or terms of service page.

What is the difference between a psychologist, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist and counsellor?2021-08-13T20:50:59+00:00
  • A psychiatrist has an MD and their primary mode of treatment is pharmacological. Psychologists do not prescribe medication, but offer talk based therapies in conjunction with any pharmacological intervention offered by your psychiatrist or GP.
  • In Australia counselling is unregulated (whereas psychology is highly regulated). Unfortunately, this means almost anyone can call themselves a counsellor. Qualifications vary considerably (some may have a 2-day course while others a master’s degree).
    At The Psychology Hub we only hire counsellors who are ACA or PACFA members. Our Counsellors must have a Bachelors, Masters and/or Post-graduate Diploma. Our Counsellors also tend to have qualifications in psychology as well. All are Autplay certified (play therapy for ASD)
  • Psychologists have a minimum of 6 years training including supervised clinical practice and must be registered with AHPRA. Psychologists can gain endorsements in Australia by furthering their study and qualification (e.g., to become a Clinical Psychologist).
  • The types of issues counsellors treat tend to be more short-term and practical issues such as relationship, communication, grief, and anger. They may also assist with personal and professional decision making. While psychologists can treat these same issues, they often work with more complex and serious mental health conditions. They also work in research, HR, hospitals, consulting and marketing firms, and schools.