Evan Thomas

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (Medicare Rebates can apply)

e: info@thepsychologyhub.com.au

t: 1300 3666 14

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Evan is a Mental Health Social Worker. He works with individuals from 12 years to adulthood. Evan assists with major mental illness, trauma, anxiety and depression. He has training and experience working with neurodiversity, Autism, ADHD, intellectual disability, psychosis and mood disorders. Evan also provides couple counselling.

Evan completed 6 years of study. He initially studied Asian History and Culture and Government and International Relations at University of Sydney. Evan was interested in people and groups and the strands that run through society. He worked at the Japanese Consulate in Brisbane writing reports on economics and politics for diplomatic staff. Assisting Japanese nationals in times of crisis was also part of his responsibilities. Evan found that directly assisting people was very satisfying and meaningful work. Evan completed a Master of Social Work in 2014. Evan did a student placement at Endeavour Lifestyle and Learning where he organised a Battle of the Bands for the participants. Evan also did placements at Child Safety and Child and Youth Mental Health. He has worked at Queensland Health in the Adult Mental Health Service and in private practice through the NDIS with adults and teenagers. Evan has 7 years’ experience working with people who have a wide range of mental health issues in a collaboration with mental health professionals, people who have mental health issues and their support networks.

Evan uses evidence-based therapies to good effect. He is also flexible and understands the importance of building a relationship where people feel safe and can control the pace of a session. Evan feels that taking some time to chat and share a laugh can be very helpful when it is appropriate. He treats serious issues seriously. He will never be shocked or judgemental.