Welcome to Advanced Tutoring 4 You

Here at AT4Y we are passionate about helping children to achieve the best they possibly can. We believe all children deserve the best opportunities to achieve their goals regardless of any challenges they may have when they start their learning journey.

We see every student as unique and therefore tailor our programs to suit the ability and learning style of each student. All tutoring is delivered one on one and changes to suit student’s needs as they progress. Our learning environment is also flexible and offers different options for students who struggle with a standard classroom set up.

Our programs focus on teaching students the foundational knowledge that is needed for literacy and numeracy. We also teach parents the skills they need to help their child on a day to day basis. Our learning environment is open, friendly and adaptable. And in our classroom our motto is: There are no wrong answers, just more work for us.

About our principal Tutor Christine Newton

Christine Newton, first started tutoring primary and secondary students in her second year of university. At that time, she only tutored English as she was majoring in Journalism and Spanish. she went on to teach creative writing and Spanish for TAFE’s Community Education Program. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree and went on to complete a master’s degree in English literature, working with acclaimed Australian authors and poets, such as David Malouf (author) and Pam Brown (poet). She also studied grammar as part of her MA.

Understanding grammar is a critical component of reading, writing comprehension. As well as private tutoring, she started working in a school teaching literacy to students in grades two and three as an intensive program based on a few different currently used literacy programs. She also ran workshops teaching grammar to teachers. Unfortunately, many teaching degree programs do not teach or teach incorrect grammar. Subsequent to this, she began a graduate degree in teaching and learning, but found she preferred to be in literacy, and more recently numeracy, because there were so many children in the school system who were struggling with the foundational concepts that are necessary for successful literacy and numeracy; especially students identified as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Intellectually Impaired or having learning difficulties. As a result, she enrolled in a graduate degree in psychology.

The program is developed using Christine’s experience of over 20 years of tutoring, experience working in the school system and an understanding of how the brain learns. As a result, the way we teach is different from the approach used in schools. Since starting using the program, there have been significant improvements in every student. Christine is now working with Griffith University’s Work Integrated Learning program to develop an online literacy program and will then be developing an online numeracy program.