Sha Okan

General Psychologist

please call  1300 3666 14 to make a booking with Sha

“People come to therapy for all kinds of reasons. I understand what a big step it can be to make that first call for support. I offer a positive, compassionate, safe place to share and explore what may be going on for you.”

 Sha has worked in a variety of mental health settings with people across the lifespan and with a range of abilities. Identifying as First Nations, Sha has enjoyed working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. As an LGBTQIPA+ ally, Sha has worked extensively within rainbow community mental health.

She has degrees in psychology and counselling and will be submitting her doctoral thesis in psychology in August 2022. Sha also works as a part time academic, and enjoys teaching, marking, and supporting students through their psychology degrees.

Sha is skillful in a variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches including Narrative Therapy (NT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), trauma informed therapy, and others.

Sha is a Mum to grown up children and is a very involved Grandmother to three little girls. She enjoys yoga and mindful meditation practices for her own well being.

“We can work together to find ways for you to understand your situation better and to enjoy your life more. I consider it an honour to support people in this way and I look forward to meeting you.”

Sha provides services under NDIS and as a Medicare Provider.